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Chop Through With Chroma Type 301 – Elite Chef Knives
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Chop Through With Chroma Type 301

Posted by John Crongeyer on

Chop Through With Chroma Type 301


Whether you are thinking about cooking one simple dish or a five course dinner, what is that one thing that you simply cannot do without? You guessed it right, it is the kitchen knife. When one thinks of kitchen accessories and kitchen cutlery, one of the first things that one considers buying is the knife. And the knives come in various sizes, types and makes. They can be small paring knives, your usual all-purpose knives or the bigger knives for cleaning and carving meat. Two universal requirements from each of these knives is that they be sharp and easy to handle and that is where the Chroma Type 301 delivers.


A unique kitchen knife from the house of Chroma Cnife of the USA, the Chroma Type 301 has had august beginnings. It is associated with some of the top names in the design world. Designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (yes, the one and only designer who also designed the Porsche 911 - the most successful Porsche in history), the Chroma Type 301 is the choice of top chefs from around the world. Made from industrial grade and superior quality Japanese 301 stainless steel, the Type 301 is handcrafted and sharpened by the hand of a master crafter.


The Chroma Type 301 knife has a stylish yet ergonomic design that can be held easily. The streamlined body, from the tip to the handle is crafted such that the users can cut through the length of the vegetables or meat comfortably. Its sharpness, elegant design, versatility and the ease of cleaning has made it the most preferred kitchen knife of the gourmet chefs all over the world. Though the blade and the handle are constructed from two different types of steel, the design so seamlessly merges that the difference is not evident at all. Most importantly, since the handle is steel too, there is no place for the food residue to sit.


The Chroma Type 301 is fabricated such that it balances easily in one’s hand and can be used for hours. The knife is capable of performing all cutting and chopping functions ranging from paring, dicing, slicing, carving to be the all purpose knife that it was designed to be. It does not require much to keep it sharp, just regular cleaning after every single use. Is it any wonder then that the Chroma Type 301 is the recipient of some of the top awards in design as well as utility? The Chroma Type 301 can be bought as an individual piece or in a cutlery set designed for gifting.

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