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Chroma Haiku - The Traditional Cutting Edge – Elite Chef Knives
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Chroma Haiku - The Traditional Cutting Edge

Posted by John Crongeyer on

Chroma Haiku - The Traditional Cutting Edge


In its own wonderful way, good cooking has got a lot to do with how the food ingredients are chopped before they are cooked. Speciality cooks and professional chefs are so possessive about their knives and cutlery sets that they prefer not to share their tools with anyone. You would do that too, if the tools in question were the Haiku knives from the house of Chroma. Chroma has an enviable reputation of producing top of the line kitchen knives and knife block sets that are the envy of many, and it will not be an exaggeration to say that from amongst all the kitchen knives that Chroma produces, the Chroma Haiku is in a class of its own.


As the name suggests, Chroma Haiku takes after the traditional Japanese samurai sword. The Japanese art of forging thin blades that are stable and accurate is well appreciated across the world and Chroma Haiku series of knives harnesses this speciality into knife production. Japanese factories forge the Haiku knives from high grade modern steel by following the ancient method of forging swords. A traditional bamboo peg is inserted into all Haiku knives to give the blade and the handle added stability and style. The distinctive falcon as well as the bamboo peg, known as the Mekugi, are the identifying features of a Haiku.


The Chroma Haiku is an extremely sharp knife and comes in all types like the Haiku Paring knife, the Haiku Utility Knife, the Haiku Chef’s knife, the Haiku Santoku - the vegetable knife, the Haiku Sashimi knife, and the Haiku Bread knife among the other variants. These kitchen knives are known to be extremely sharp in their function and provide the ultimate in precise and fine cuts. Such is their quality and precision that master chefs from Cordon Bleu and Michelin Star restaurants swear by the Haiku kitchen knives and cutlery sets.


The elegant spine and the light weight of the Chroma Haiku knife makes it a welcome addition in any kitchen. Add in the looks where a black ferrule fixes the blade to the handle, and you have a winner in your hands. The Chroma Haiku comes in various sizes from the tiniest blade at 8 cm to the largest at 27 cm to serve all your cutting, chopping and carving needs. So if you are looking for special Japanese addition to your kitchen knives that delivers what it promises, you cannot go wrong if you choose a Chroma Haiku!

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