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Chroma Haiku Damascus – Your perfect kitchen knife. – Elite Chef Knives
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Chroma Haiku Damascus – Your perfect kitchen knife

Posted by John Crongeyer on

Chroma Haiku Damascus – Your perfect kitchen knife

With Christmas and Thanksgiving getting nearer, you will need an efficient knife to help you save time in the kitchen. Or this holiday season you could gift an amazing Chroma kitchen knife set to your loved ones who love to cook! A knife’s quality is not assessed only based on its sharpness, but it is also based on the feel and ease of use.

When it comes to chopping and slicing you need the right knife that will save you time and that will make the cutting process fun and easy. Kitchen knives are available in various shapes and sizes based on the type of cutting they are used for. For example the Chroma Haiku Damascus kitchen knife, which is popular for its highly sharp and strong blades, comes in the following sizes:

  • HD-01 CHROMA Haiku Damascus knife is an 8cm knife best suited for cutting vegetables.
  • HD-02CHROMA Haiku Damascus 12 cm Utility knife
  • HD-03CHROMA Haiku Damascus 14 cm chef’s knife
  • HD-05CHROMA Haiku Damascus 17 cm santoku knife
  • HD-06CHROMA Haiku Damascus 20 cm chef's knife
  • HD-08CHROMA Haiku Damascus 25 cm bread knife
  • HD-09CHROMA Haiku Damascus 27 cm carving knife

All the Chroma Haiku kitchen knife models are designed by experienced hands, these knives are sharpened, polished, and are then fitted with Japanese Cherry Wood handles, which are held in place by the Japanese Mekugi bamboo pin. The Chroma Haiku Damascus kitchen knives are made with extremely sharp blades created from 32 layer Damascus VG-10 core steel with a hardness of HRC 59-60°.

The sharpness and toughness of the Chroma Haiku Damascus kitchen knives gives it more durability and makes it suitable for cutting, chopping, slicing or mincing different food materials.

But if not maintained well, these knives will lose its sharpness and usability in a short time. Washing the knives in a dishwasher or with strong detergents will cause the knives to tarnish. The best thing to do is wash them in warm water and pat them dry.

Although the Chroma Haiku Damascus knives are strong, they are not suitable for cutting bones, for this purpose you will need to use a cleaver. These knives need to be sharpened by you depending on the usage. Use a ceramic whetstone or the Haiku whetstone for best results.

Haiku Damascus knife blades are manufactured for Chroma by Sumikama cutlery in Japan. Chroma cutlery is world famous for producing the best knife that every chef dreams of. The precision for the construction is impeccable and the materials chosen for making these outstanding knives are of high quality. Customers can get knives for different budgets at Chroma cutlery.


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