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Chroma Haiku Pro kitchen knife – A great knife for fine cuts. – Elite Chef Knives
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Chroma Haiku Pro kitchen knife – A great knife for fine cuts

Posted by John Crongeyer on

Chroma Haiku Pro kitchen knife – A great knife for fine cuts

The perfect knife is the one, which effortlessly becomes the extension of our hand and creates neat and precise slices, cuts, dices and minces. The Chroma Pro Haiku kitchen knives are made from the highest grades of steel and have Honoki wood handles.

The Chroma Haiku Pro Kitchen knives are admired for its ease of use and durability; with a single sharpening these knives remain sharp for almost a year. To keep them long-lasting and looking new, major care and maintenance is required. The Chroma Haiku knife set has a Falcon logo and another common trait among the Haiku knives is the use of Mekugi bamboo nail to keep the cusp in place.

Another wonderful feature of these knives is that it carves and cuts through food easily which causes less pressure on the muscles and joints in the user’s hand. This is because the knives are honed to a finer angle at the cutting rim.

The Chroma Haiku Pro knife blades are created by blending two types of steel: a very hard, high carbon-content “hagane” steel to make the cutting rim, and a gentle steel to hold up the cutting steel. The softer steel makes sure that the blade is not too brittle so that it can be grinded.

The Chroma Haiku Pro kitchen knives are delicate and have a thin blade; therefore these knives are not recommended for heavy cutting chores such as cutting through bones, as this will cause the blade to break off. This brand of kitchen knives is best suited for slicing and chopping.

The various models in Chroma Haiku Pro Kitchen knife set are:

  • HP-01 CHROMA Haiku Pro 21 cm gyuto knife
  • HP-02 CHROMA Haiku Pro 27 cm sashimi knife
  • HP-03 CHROMA Haiku Pro 18 cm santoku knife
  • HP-04 CHROMA Haiku Pro 16,5 cm nakiri knife
  • HP-05 CHROMA Haiku Pro 15 cm deba knife
  • HP-06 CHROMA Haiku Pro 15 cm kawamuki - utility knife
  • HP-07 CHROMA Haiku Pro 12 cm hatsuru scissors

The Chroma Haiku Pro Kitchen knives are manufactured by Chroma cutlery. This Japanese cutlery brand is world famous for producing the best knife that every chef dreams of. The precision for the construction is impeccable and the materials chosen for making these outstanding knives are of high quality. Customers can get knives for different budgets at Chroma cutlery.


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