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Looking for best all-purpose SANTOKU Knife to grow into in my kitchen – Elite Chef Knives
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Looking for the best all-purpose SANTOKU Knife

Posted by John Crongeyer on

Looking for the best all-purpose SANTOKU Knife

SANTOKU KNIFE hight-carbon, 7 inches stainless steel blade holds edge longer. Bolster provides the optimum center of gravity for strength and balance. This Santoku knife has a better designed ergonomic, triple-riveted handle which is molded for best and comfortable grip. The santoku knife dimples preventss the food from sticking while slicing.

The best Santoku knife at the best price?

I want to buy a Santoku knife, but there are so many out there. Where is the best place to buy santoku knife. Can I use a Santoku Knife instead of a slicing knife?
I'm an up and coming chef school student and was thinking if I could use a santoku knife instead of a slicing knife. Buying a new Santoku Knife, suggestions? I am buying a new Santoku knife. I am looking a Henckels, a Chroma and a Wusthof. Can anyone tell me which is the one they prefer and why? I prefer either the Chroma or the Henckels Santoku. I bought the Henckels and am very happy with it. 

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- How To Use A Santoku Knife
How To Use A Santoku Knife
Al Mar Santoku Knife review
The santoku knife is an all-purpose knife of japanese origin used by professional cooks around the world. The Ultimate Santoku Knife combines the best qualities of a cleaver with the versatility of a chef's knife. The combination makes it unbeatable for fast cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing. Santoku Knife Built to professional grade standards for high performance: Long 7" double-forged, stainless steel blade is a masterpiece in itself, capable of holding a razor-sharp edge for an extremely long time. Ergonomic design means your hand easily wraps around the handle. And here's what smart cooks like most — the dimples on the blade that prevent food from sticking!

Henckels Santoku knife is the best out there other than Cutco Santoku knife. If you are only considering those three brands that you mentioned, get the Henckels Santoku knife. I found my Santoku, a vegetable cleaver and a sushi blade in an Asian grocery. Cutting smaller bones with Santoku Knife? I'm not a professional chef and can only afford one knife right now. I already know it will be a Santoku. What is the best santoku knife? I'm buying a Santoku knife for my mom for her birthday. She had a Wusthoff Classic 7 in santoku. I have thinking of getting a Kasumi 7 santoku, the Shun Premier 7 in santoku or Shunn 8 inch Ken Onion santoku knife? Let me know what you guys think or have another santoku knives to suggest. I've never had a problem with my Kitchen Aid santoku, I think I've had the 7 inch and the nine inch for about 6 or 7 years.

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