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John Boos Butcher Block Tables – scratch free block tables – Elite Chef Knives
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John Boos Butcher Block Tables – scratch free block tables

Posted by John Crongeyer on

John Boos Butcher Block Tables – scratch free block tables

Butcher block tables are an inevitable part of the cooking prep work in the kitchen. Previously butcher blocks were predominant only in the meat markets but now they are welcomed even in the ordinary households.

The early trend was a raw piece of wood that served the purpose very well, but today with the popularity of modular kitchen, you don’t want to bring down the elegance of your cooking space with an ugly looking big chunk of wood, do you? Butcher block tables are today available in all shapes and sizes that are very attractive looking. But the looks shouldn’t compromise with the functionality.

A block table like John Boos Butcher Block table makes cutting swift and easy, does not blunt your knives and most importantly it does not harbour germs.

The John Boos butcher block table has been in the market since 1887 and has gained wide acceptance from celebrity, professional and domestic chefs all through North America.

John Boos Butcher Block tables are loved by celebrity chefs all through the United States. These block tables are also featured on popular US food channels like the Food Network, where celebrity chefs like Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali are shown doing the prep work on these butcher block tables.

Advantages of using the John Boos Butcher Block table

  • The John Boos Butchers block table is made from high quality maple wood and does not chip or crack quickly.
  • Since John Boos Butcher Block table is made from a dense wood it is not porous and so prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • They are scratch resistant.
  • The wood used for making John Boos Butcher Block table is FSC certified and it is sourced from forests that meet the utmost social, environmental and economic guidelines.
  • John Boos Butcher block tables are available in all sizes to fit into any kitchen whether big or small. It can be boarded on a kitchen counter or on a ledge with wheels.
  • Due to the penetrating oil finish there will be no damage caused to the block surface and the end grain structure will not blunt your knives.

With routine cleaning, drying and oiling your John Boos Butcher block table will stay durable for a very long time. The John Boos Butcher tables are usually sold through the main gourmet catalogue companies, as well as through kitchen equipment dealers like us.

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