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Chroma Knives

Posted by John Crongeyer on

CHROMACutlery Kitchen Knife – Cnife is the next way forward for anyone who loves cutting and prepping in the kitchen. It may be a part of your daily life or a once in a while thing but what is a must have in your kitchenette are Cnives.

CHROMA Cutlery is one of the prominent knife makers in the world and are constantly researching on the bringing the best product in each of their cnives range of products to endure utmost customer satisfaction. Cnives come in various models and all price ranges to suit every one’s budget. So there is no excuse for you not to have one. There are also Cnifes sets that complete your kitchen knife needs and a perfect gift for your loved one who is into cooking.

Best-selling Cnives are:

  • CHROMA Type301 by F.A. Porche
  • CHROMA Chefsmesser CCC by Sebastian Conran
  • CHROMA ProCuTe Titanium Spice Cutter
  • CHROMA Haiku

The most prominent among them are the Chroma Type 301. These cnives are German designed to suit all the variety of uses in day to day life. These are design by F.A. Porche. Yes, you read it right. The same F.A. Porche who designed the Porche 911! The design is so sleek and innovative. Each piece is made from a single piece of Japanese 301 stainless steel. The grip handle is totally new and different from the conventional knives you have seen. The pin point indicates where to stop your hand on to get the best hold of the cnife while cutting and get the optimum grip. The weight and the sharpness is just balance right that there is absolutely no effort required to slice or chop your food. There are many distinctive types of CHROMA cnives that can be used for different purposes like vegetables, fruits, meat, bread and cakes. The cnives are sharpened directly by the master’s hand.

CHROMA Haiku is another best-selling cnifes in the market. It’s purely Japanese. A Japanese Haiku Cnife can be recognized by its falcon and Meguki, the small Bamboo peg inserted into the handle of Honoki wood that holds the black cusp in place, exactly like a Samurai Sword. This is different from the Type 301 with its design but performance is unbeatable. Care for Cnives is also of prime importance and it last for more than a year with one sharpening.

Quite a number of known chefs around the world like Thibaut Ruggeri, Fabrice Desvignes and Serge Vieira are award winner chefs who use Chroma Cutleries. Chroma Cnife has been winning since 2005 the most important culinary competition in the world - Bocuse d'Or!

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