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Bob Kamer by Zwilling- Euro Carbon Line – Elite Chef Knives
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Bob Kamer by Zwilling- Euro Carbon Line

Posted by John Crongeyer on

Bob Kamer by Zwilling- Euro Carbon Line: The Best Culinary Knife Sets For Your Kitchen

Bob Kramer is a leading manufacturer of most popular kitchen knives across the globe. Originally designed by the ABS Quality Evaluations (ABS QE) - certified Bob Kramer, this kitchen cutlery collection proposes to offer the best line of incredibly sharp-angled knives.

Celebrated as the master blade smith, Bob Kramer collaborated with J. A. Henckels; one of the oldest and prominent makers of scissors, cookware, and kitchen knives since the early 13th century; in the year 2010 to create an unparalleled series of knives - “Kramer by Zwilling Euroline Carbon Steel Knives”. Prepared from natural high carbon stainless steel polymer (POM), these designer kitchen knife sets are known for superior performance and incomparable product quality.

The knives are highly durable with brilliant strength. Each kitchen knife is computed to measure 61 on Rockwell scale and the angle of each edge is 15 degrees on each side. Created in Japan, the handles of these kitchen knife sets are crafted from Grenadille wood with triple riveted fasteners. Kramer by Zwilling Euroline Carbon Steel Kitchen Cutlery is handmade with multi-layered steel coating and Damascus steel blade for thinner and sharper slices. These cutlery sets are easy to care for as they make your kitchen a perfect workhorse.

Created with perfection and ease, these intrigued knife block sets employ superlative sharpening techniques and undergoes a unique hardening procedure to make the most of steel properties for a comfortable palm gripping experience. The tool highlights brass bolster to reinforce better support along with African Blackwood handle to comfort your hand while chopping and dicing. The blade is meticulously tapered to precise specifications so that users can experience an unbeatable performance of remarkable strength.

From chopping onions to thinly slicing tomatoes, the razor-sharp versatile kitchen knife is not only easily accessible to home-based cooks for an easy and secured cutting but also reflect an ingenious design similar to professional chef’s extension of own hand. As an essential element, Kramer by Zwilling Euroline Carbon Steel Knife block sets are crafted by a minimum of 45 artisans in more than 100 well-defined steps. Besides, the signature constituent of each kitchen knife encompasses handcrafted mosaic pin from Bob Kramer’s own personal studio. For this reasons, these cutlery sets are identified to effortlessly withstand everyday pressure of busy house/hotel kitchens and lasts for many years to come.

Buy this exquisite line of heirloom-excellence as your cherished lifetime experience and enjoy great cooking…for any festivity and occasion!

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